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"Very pleased with Dr Brian and staff. Very professional. Would highly recommend clinic and Dr. Very pleasant always going above and beyond. I would not go somewhere else."
Oct 21, 2019
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"Dr. Brian Nietz is superlative--the best!!! He and his staff are a most dedicated professional team that are focused and a very committed team to help the patient feel as cared with first-class treatment, service, and support surrendered every time. Kudos to all!!!! Thanks for helping me get better!! "
Oct 17, 2019
"DPT Brian and Val are professional, funny and take the time out to ensure you get the best care. You do not feel rushed through your appointments or like another number. My daughter had an old injury flare up so we showed up to schedule an appointment and they were able to get us in the same day. I recommend SACPT if you ever find yourself in need of physical therapy."
Sep 30, 2019
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"Definitely 5 stars. Great doctor, great staff. Gave me the tools to manage my condition and see marked improvement over time. I spent 6 months unable to exercise and get my cardio in. Now I have the stretches and exercises that have allowed me to get out and walk again. Thank you SACPT!"
Aug 20, 2019
"Going into the San Antonio Center For Physical Therapy is like going into Cheers. Everybody knows you and calls you by name! The entire staff really enjoy working there and it shows. No matter where you are, you can hear laughter! I wouldn't call physical therapy "fun", but here it's pretty close! I highly recommend the San Antonio Center For Physical Therapy to everyone needing help. A definite "5 Stars!""
May 31, 2019
"I had been having severe back pain for almost two months when I was referred to Brian. After a few sessions and doing the stretching exercises assigned I was able to play golf again. Thank goodness for that referral."
Apr 09, 2019
"I had a pulled tendon in my thumb and the exercises that Brian had me do really helped relieve the pain. Brian was knowledgeable and cared about helping me. His staff was also very helpful. Loved the caring atmosphere."
Apr 03, 2019
"Had lifestyle limiting sacriliac pain after stooping a long time at election booth. Brian and staff did an excellent job at restoring me to baseline. The ladies were truly caring and helpful. Had therapy before elsewhere but you are tops. "
Apr 02, 2019
"Beautiful spot on the Medina River and small creek. Very friendly staff and clean restrooms. Only complaint is the constant road noise."
Mar 15, 2019
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"I picked this place because of the reviews, they didn't disappoint. Although it was my husband that went and not me I still had a great experience with everyone that I spoke with. my husband said the plans were doable at home and every time he went in he felt productive."
Mar 11, 2019
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"I am very thankful to you guys you are aeaweso I would recommend you to everyone I know"
Feb 23, 2019
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"I saw Brian today. It was my first visit and I wasn’t sure what to expect. He was personable and very knowledgeable. He spent a few minutes testing me and explained exactly what I need to do to avoid surgery. He took the time to listen to my concerns and we discussed my lifestyle. I find that going to Physical therapists can be hard some times. A lot of time they want you to completely change your lifestyle or avoid things that make you happy. Brian explained the options. We talked about alternative things and at the end he explained that it was my choice and my responsibility. This was a wonderful experience. I felt he was very knowledgeable without being all ego and I’m looking forward to feeling better and pursuing my goals in the weeks and months to come. He gave me a practical plan that sure to yield positive results. Here’s to good choices and healthy bodies!"
Feb 13, 2019
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"Exceptional staff, extremely knowledgeable about rehabilitation needs on an individual basis. Very friendly and professional staff."
Feb 06, 2019
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"Friendly and professional !!"
Jan 19, 2019
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"Brian and his team all do a great job of getting PT done in the right way and being aware of their patient’s progress. In the process, the atmosphere is very friendly and warm with a ‘tough love’ that (almost) makes you want to keep coming back. The last sessions at SA Center for PT was my second round of PT ( 2 seperate surgeries) by choice. If ever I have the need, I will choose them again. Keep singing Brian, but keep your day job. 😉"
Jan 08, 2019
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"Before visiting Brain i had a hard time walking,Thanks to him and his fantastic staff I am able to walk and move my feet, Brian and his staff made me feel right at home, And I actually had fun while doing so.I would highly recommend anyone one needing Physical Therapy to see Dr Brian Nietz."
Jan 08, 2019
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"My foot had been hurting for more than 4 months and I was worried about getting around on my upcoming vacation. After only 3 weeks of doing physical therapy, the entire staff had me ready to go and feeling pain free. Everyone was so helpful and genuinely cared about my health. Thanks again to the entire staff."
Dec 07, 2018
"Brian and his staff are fantastic. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable . Brian is fun to be around and has got to be one of the best physical therapists around. He helped me immensely with my pain. I appreciate Brian and his staff ."
Oct 18, 2018
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"Loved going there. Brian and the staff are friendly and so professional."
Sep 18, 2018
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"Dr. Nietz, is the BEST. He is funny, friendly and very good at dealing with all the aches and pain. He has a wonderful bedside manner. He serenades and tells puny jokes that helps deal with the pain. I trust that he will guide me to the best pain management process. I am also very pleased with the front office staff, specifically Ms. Valerie. She is kind, welcoming, understanding with a wonderful sense of humor. What a team!"
Jul 18, 2018
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"Excellent professionalism', care and concern for helping me complete my Program. My results are excellent with very little remaining pain. I am encouraged that I can now 'handle' it myself. Thanks Brian and your team for making me feel a lot better!!"
May 21, 2018
"Very pleased with the 'professionalism', care and concern for helping me complete my Program. My results are excellent with very little remaining pain. I am encouraged that I can now 'handle' it myself. Thanks Brian and your Staff . Tom Heffron"
May 02, 2018
"Like in the past the quality of service was great. The staff at SACPT care on getting you back on your feet. Thank you Brain and all the staff for a great job."
Feb 28, 2018
"The best place for physical therapy! Dr. Nietz and his staff are very skilled, caring, and give the best level of service in a pleasant atmosphere! I would never go anywhere else!"
Feb 28, 2018
"The best staff in all of San Antonio! Brian knows his stuff and will make sure you get personal outstanding care."
Feb 08, 2018
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"Dr. Nietz and his staff have been instrumental in my recovery. I went to them not being able to walk and they were able get me up and walking quickly. I would recommend them highly. They are warm, encouraging and make you feel like like family."
Feb 08, 2018
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"I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Brian and the staff....they're family.... I have been coming here for years....I'm an extremely complicated case, but what HAS been a victory to us all is that I haven't needed more surgeon told me the day he discharged me that I'd wake up needing more surgeries over the years and most of those days Brian fixes me! THANK YOU!!!!!"
Feb 08, 2017
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"As an older lady I have multiple problems. Dr Brian's physical assessment has always been most accurate. Progress in goals has been gradual and gentle. The Christian atmosphere is gentle and whole body approach. Love you Brian and Valerie !"
Jan 14, 2017
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"This is the second time that I have use Mr. Bryan as my Therapist, the first time was because of my lower back and the second time for my knees and in both occasions Bryan and his staff has taking excellent care of me, They treat you like family. I really like the flexibility of working at your own pace, the service provided has been very helpful to my injuries from Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately for me VA just gave me 8 visits this time, I highly recommend San Antonio Center for Physical Therapy for your physical needs. Thank you Brian and staff for taking such a good care of me."
Nov 08, 2016
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"I am currently doing my observation hours here and it is an amazing experience. Everyone in the staff is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly nice. I would recommend anyone in need of physical therapy to this location because you will not be disappointed. I will be forever grateful to everyone there for giving me the opportunity to learn and feel welcomed."
Sep 02, 2016
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"Good PT care in a friendly atmosphere. Would recommend them to anyone. "
Aug 23, 2016
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"From the minute I called to schedule my consultation they exceeded my expectations. The staff was always friendly and helpful with anything I needed and always answered any questions I had about my recovery process. I feel like I'm ahead of the curve with my ACL recovery due to Brian and his wonderful staff. Brian really knows how to push you to the limit of what you can currently do so that you can make the necessary improvements to get back to 100%. If you're looking for physical therapy in the area, I highly recommend checking these guys out!"
Jul 29, 2016
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"I have been going there on and off the last few years for different injuries. I have also been to another PT Center in the area and had my insurance change my treatment back to here. The staff makes healing fun and educational."
Feb 24, 2016
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"It is extremely rare to find a doctor and his entire staff to be so genuine and caring as you will find at San Antonio Center for Physical Therapy. They make you work hard, which is why you WILL get results. But they also make you feel so comfortable and cared for that it eases your mind and let's you focus on recuperating. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone with full confidence in knowing that they will not be disappointed at all if they follow the program Dr. Nietz provides for them."
Sep 29, 2015
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"I used to go to another PT center and wasn't making as much progress as the doc thought I should be making. He decided to give this one a try. I went there and everyone was as nice as can be. You get personal attention from everyone! They really care and that makes things a whole lot easier. I highly recommend San Antonio Center for Physical Therapy and Brian and the rest of the staff. You have fun as you improve and that is a really good thing. Don't forget to ask about Throw Back Thursday! Thanks Brian, Ellie, Torre, and Val and everyone else for making it easier for me to walk again!"
Sep 14, 2015
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"Best Physical Therapy Center in San Antonio. Excellent Staff! Fun, friendly, family atmosphere! Brain is very knowledgeable and extremely fun to work with! -LyleW"
Jul 29, 2015
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"My son is a patient there. Everyone there is super super nice. They do excellent work. My son's orthopedist is so impressed by his progress, she made going back optional. We still go though because Dr Brian, Miss Val and the others make sure he does his exercises correctly. I highly recommend them."
Apr 30, 2013
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  • Dr Nietz:
    I just wanted to express my thanks for the excellent service and quality of your staff that I received during my treatment at your practice. Having visited several Physical Therapists for various injuries, your facility was the first where I obtained significant relief in pain reduction and rehabilitation. You and your staff (Sam, et al), were efficient, friendly, and most importantly effective. Both myself and my family will definitely be using you services for any future physical therapy needs.

    -S. Shafer

  • My sincerest appreciation for the excellent physical therapy I received at your practice. Your treatment was exceptional and, most importantly, effective! You were able to reduce the neck pain that I have experienced for over seven years by about 90% in less than a month-amazing! The friendly atmosphere and caring staff were just an added bonus. I will continue to tell others about your outstanding practice.

    -C. Felker

  • Dr. X., Thank you so much for directing me to Brian Nietz for my care and revitalization during the last two months.  Brian was extremely competent, very knowledgeable and very willing to explain my situation and the exercises that we worked on together with great care and positive motivation. He was easy to talk to and very helpful with his description of why and how the numerous treatments that I received were important to me and how they would help me recover. I have been to several Physical Therapists but Brian’s approach and caring were by far the best by a large margin.

    -A. Schwartz

  • Dr. Nietz was professionally friendly, easy to relate and inspired my wife to learn and use the physical therapy exercises to be more self sufficient. He gets along great with patients, their families, other therapists and the support staff. He is a pleasure to work with and inspires you so you may cope more efficiently with your physical problem. I am happy to recommend him.

    -T.J. Glenn, MD

  • I have literally been treated by 8 different Physical Therapists. You were the best and only one to correctly diagnose and treat my back and sacroiliac pain. I will forever be grateful for your care.

    -A. Davies

  • The purpose of this letter is to express my deepest appreciation for your ‘magic hands’ that healed me. Friday the 13th was one of the best and luckiest days ever – that was the day you took me from severe pain, to 95% relief…Your conservative approach to the treatment worked wonders…From the bottom of my heart-thank you.

    -R.J. Walantas, PA-C (Physicians Assistant)

  • In appreciation to you and your staff. The friendliness and attitude towards your patients is remarkable. I felt very comfortable in the surroundings of your clinic. Thank you for getting me healed.

    -O. Rodriguez

  • Since completing our individual physical therapy regimens that you recently tailored to help alleviate the orthopedic anomalies that were causing us pain and suffering we wish to thank you. We both have noted a tremendous and decided change in our lives. We feel fortunate to have you, your staff and your state of the art Physical Therapy facility located so conveniently in our area.

    -J and M Sinnard

  • I want to thank you for the excellent care you gave me during the rehabilitation of my elbows. I am able to work and play golf again without any pain. I enjoyed my therapy sessions very much because of the both of you. I appreciate my doctor for referring me to you. If I am ever in need of physical therapy again I will return to your clinic immediately.

    -S. Homsley

  • Physical therapy was very helpful to both my physical and mental condition. The atmosphere during therapy was positive and pleasant. I would recommend this facility to anyone in need of physical therapy rehabilitation. It is nice to feel that your health is the most important thing to them and that they want to help you make a strong and healthy recovery.

    -K. Thompson-Rygg

  • I wanted to thank you for the very positive attitude, obvious professionalism and understanding of your field, and the respectful manner in which it was all shared. Your therapy went beyond the norm by a long shot. If any more problems arise, I will not hesitate to return. I refer you to everyone I meet who has need for your skills, professional and social.

    -J. Holt

  • I truly thank you and your staff for the superb care provided me. I really didn’t expect the pain in my left hip to go away. I was hoping for a little relief. So I’m delighted to tell you that I have zero pain, feel absolutely great and literally walk miles every week pain free. I have continued to do the exercises you taught me. I take no pain medications and I owe it all to your expertise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    -L. Chandler

  • Let me express my sincere thanks for all the therapy and support you gave me. If it weren’t for your patience, attention to detail and the care you showed I wouldn’t be walking without pain today. I absolutely loved your flexibility in working around my schedule. Thanks again.

    -B. Camilleri