Did You Know? – August 2011

That 65% of dance injuries occur to the foot and ankle? Of these, “Dancer’s Tendinitis” is one of themost common.

Pain is often experienced along the inside aspect of the ankle as well as on the bottom of the big toe. This pain can be a tendinitis or inflammation of the flexor hallicus longus (FHL). The FHL is a muscle that starts up in the calf area of the lower leg. The tendon wraps posterior (behind) to the medial malleolus (boney bump at the ankle), underneath the foot and to the big toe.

The muscle helps you to flex or curl you big toe and assists with pointing your foot. It also assists with maintaining the medial arch of your foot.

Tendinitis of any kind is typically caused by overuse, weakness of the muscle or minor trauma. This inflammation can lead to increased weakness, pain and inability to functionally move the muscle/tendon.